Ep 2: Spill Closes, Jackson Creek, Reading Week, RC4G

Our second episode has four stories. First, we ask attendees of The Spill’s final concert to share what the iconic venue has meant to them. Secondly, we explore the potential of daylighting Jackson Creek in Peterborough’s downtown.

A new contributor provides our third story; Josh Skinner, co-editor of Arthur, has produced an audio essay about the chill vibe on campus during Trent University’s autumn reading week. Finally, a documentary by Will Pearson introduces listeners to Rock Camp For Girls. Enjoy!

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  1. The impact of the loss of The Spill sure comes through.
    As a new resident to Peterborough its interesting to hear how the creek flows through the town….and brings alive some ideas about uncovering it. I was previously unfamiliar with this issue.

    The Reading week article…..went on a bit too long and I didn’t really ‘get’ the point. Maybe if I were a Trent student,,,,,?

    Nicely put together program.

    Rock Camp for Girls….very interesting. And what a wonderful thing to have in this town. A tremendous way to support—and honour—live music as well as to encourage girls express their voices. Having “a bit more than fun”. And you really get that sense. Loved the excerpts from the actual camp instruction.

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