The plan to end gender-based violence in Peterborough and Canada: interview with Maryam Monsef

Following National Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Peterborough Currents host Ayesha Barmania sat down with Peterborough’s MP and the cabinet minister for Status of Women Maryam Monsef. The interview explores issues of gender-based violence in Peterborough and across Canada and the government’s plan to address it.

Maryam Monsef: It’s noteworthy that it took Canada 150 years to have a strategy for this kind of violence. It took 150 years of Confederation to get to that point. While having a strategy, and supporting women’s organizations, collecting data, bringing leaders and survivors together is really important, it’s just a reminder of how much work there actually still is. To those who have been scarred by this in our community and to those who read about it and are as unsettled as anyone might be, the families and friends and loved ones who are still grieving, you’re not grieving alone and these tragedies just renew our resolve to do better.

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